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Ginger Buds

Ginger buds are popular in Japan, where they’re harvested from the young myoga plant, also known as Japanese ginger.

This hardy plant can stand up to temperatures as low as -16 Celsius (that’s just above 0 Fahrenheit) in favorable soil conditions. The myoga and its folklore are celebrated in Japan — there are even festivals dedicated to it! — and depiction of the myoga buds are common in Japanese family crests.

The buds themselves look somewhat like a more elegant, slender, and less-frightening version of the inside of an artichoke. They’re a pleasant pink with off-white and green ends.

The flavor of ginger buds is less spicy and more mellow than the pungent root of ginger. They’re popular pickled, shredded, or thinly sliced, where they’re often used as a garnish, in soups, or alongside other dishes.

If you want to use ginger buds in your cooking, you can find them at Uwajimaya in our produce section.