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Dim Sum

Traditional Chinese cuisine where small plates of a variety of foods are served

Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine, traditionally Cantonese — consisting of many different bite-sized foods. Dumplings are ubiquitous in dim sum and they come in a variety of preparations and fillings, often steamed or fried. Although dumplings are a common component, dim sum includes other types of food as well; buns, rolls, various vegetable and meat dishes, soups, puddings, and other sweet and savory items. When eating at a dim sum restaurant, diners often choose dishes ready-to-go off of portable carts that meander from table to table, although some restaurants instead will have diners order from menus at their table.

In Cantonese, dim sum translates to something similar to “piece of the heart,” “dot on the heart,” or “heart’s delight.” It’s easy to see why, as dim sum provides diners with a cornucopia of easy-to-eat tastes that are, simply, little bite-sized explosions of delight that leave you perfectly satiated.

Enjoy dim sum at home from our selection of frozen shumai dumplings, various buns, sticky rice (lo mai gai), rice noodle rolls (cheung fun), sesame balls and egg tarts.  You can also find hot steamed buns with various fillings ready to eat in our deli.