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One of Japan's most popular alcoholic beverages

Shochu is Japanese distilled spirit, similar to vodka.  It can be distilled from a variety of ingredients such as rice, barley, wheat and sweet potatoes. Shochu generally has an alchol content of around 25%.  It is categorized in two types: honkaku and korui.  Honkaku is made through a single distillation process and is considered more authentic and tends to be more flavorful. Korui undergoes multiple distillations before being bottled.  Shochu can be enjoyed in many ways.  The traditional method is by mixing shochu with hot or cold water. It can also be enjoyed straight, on the rocks or in cocktails.

Awamori is another type of distilled spirit.  It is unique to the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa. Awamori is alcohol disitlled from long grain rice rather than brewed from short grain rice like sake.