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Both fresh and saltwater eel are enjoyed in Japan and northern China. Eel is enjoyed grilled and braised particularly in the summer months. Eel is also a popular sushi topping.

Types of Eel

Sea Eel (Japanese: anago)
In Japan, sea eel is grilled with a heavy soy sugar sauce and enjoyed as sushi or over rice (donburi). Prepared and seasoned eel is available in the seafood department and in cans. (Japanese: anago)

River Eel (Japanese: unagi)
River eel begins its life in the sea and migrates to Japans rivers and lakes. Less oily than sea eel with sweet flesh, river eel is prepared in a similar manner as sea eel.

  • Japanese
    unagi, anago
  • Chinese
    moon sin
  • Filipino
  • Malaysian
  • Thai
    pla lai