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Japanese stock which is the base for soups and noodles dishes

Dashi is Japanese stock which is used as a base for many soups and noodle dishes. Traditionally dashi was made from kombu (see "seaweed") and shaved bonito (see "katsuobushi") and, in some regions, dried anchovies (Japanese: niboshi). Today, dashi is available powdered or concentrated in liquid form.

In olden times when each household made its own dashi, usually two batches were made from the same ingredients. The first batch, called ichiban dashi (literally "first dashi") was used for the clear soup, suimono. The second batch, called niban dashi would be used as the base for miso soup, noodle broths or other uses. Today, with the advent of dashi mixes, ichiban dashi and niban dashi are becoming a thing of the past.