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The utensil of choice in many parts of Asia

We’re sure almost everyone stopping by Uwajimaya is somewhere between “avid chopstick user” and “not great chopstick user but still very familiar with them.” After all, they are the utensil of choice all across Asia!

As the most common eating utensil in Asia, chopsticks have a long history — and have evolved throughout that time. They’re at least 3,000 years old but were originally used for seemingly everything other than eating; stirring, shifting the fire, and all sorts of cooking and food preparation were done with chopsticks. It wasn’t until they’d been around a while that people started using them to do the actual eating part of it all.

Today, of course, chopsticks are the primary eating utensil of over a billion people and are used throughout the world beyond. They can be made of bamboo, other woods, plastic, metal, ivory, or all sorts of materials. Many of Uwajimaya’s food court options will come with disposable wood chopsticks, but you can buy your own, higher quality chopsticks of different materials in our gift department.