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Bánh Mì Baguette  

Hailing from a mix of traditional Vietnamese ingredients and French colonial influences, the banh mi sandwich is absurdly delicious. The fillings are a combination of traditional Vietnamese ingredients like pickled thinly-sliced carrots and other vegetables, cilantro, jalapeno, and meats, plus some French-origin additions, commonly mayonnaise or paté.

The baguette itself is, of course, the most distinctly French of the whole thing, and “banh mi” itself translates literally to “bread.” 
Despite this, the banh mi baguette has some notable differences from its French cousin. 
For one, a banh mi baguette is generally shorter than the French baguette, which is often two feet long if not greater. Even more crucial though is the softer texture of banh mi; while some French baguettes can have a hardier crust, this adaptation is extremely light and fluffy, with a much thinner, crumbly crust and airy interior. 
Part of what makes this possible is the frequent addition of rice flour to the dough, whereas the traditional baguette only uses wheat flour. 
This airiness makes for a perfect sandwich bread. It holds up to the fillings while still providing a perfect bite where a denser, crustier sandwich would push out the meat, vegetables, and herbs inside.