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Baby Corn

Baby corn are attractive, instantly edible little ears of corn commonly found in salads and stir-fry dishes.

Baby corn are exactly what they sound like: little, cute, bite-sized ears of corn. You’ve probably had them before in salads and stir-fries.

Most of us probably wonder what makes baby corn. Are they a different type of corn than normal corn on the cob? Are they even corn at all? Or are they something completely different that we just call “baby corn”? It turns out the simplest answer is the one that’s true: they’re just normal corn, harvested before they mature.

While the US grows loads of sweet corn to maturity, most corn harvested while immature is grown in Thailand and nearby countries.

And, though you likely associate baby corn with stir-fry dishes in Chinese-American restaurants, the reality is that baby corn is not typically found in traditional Chinese cuisine. That said, full-sized corn is!

Whatever you want to make with baby corn, Uwajimaya carries it canned in our canned goods section.