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Sake, Beer & Wine

Our sake selection features varieties from around the world with the largest selection of Japanese, Korean and domestic sake in the Pacific Northwest.  Our sake bottles come in an array of beautiful shapes and sizes, from small bottles perfect for two to large bottles perfect for parties.  Our beer selection is just as robust with brews from Japan, China, India, Korea, Singapore and the Philippines as well as domestic and local brands. 

Uwajimaya | Sake

Featured Sake, Beer & Wine

Uwajimaya | Aladdin Sake

Homare Aladdin Sake

Make a wish!  These “Aladdin” bottled sake are not only beautiful, but made from high quality ingredients.  Homare Sake Brewery is an award winning brewery established in Japan in 1918.  Their Aladdin Sake line includes a creamy & sweet nigori, dry & smooth Junmai or refreshing Yuzu.

Uwajimaya | Edorigawa Yamahai Jummai Sake

Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai Sake

You may have heard of Tedorigawa Brewery as it was featured in the award winning documentary, “Birth of Sake”.  This sake is dry, sharp and smooth all in one and is best enjoyed warm or at room temperature.

Uwajimaya | Beer

Kizakura Beer

Kizakura Co, a Kyoto-based brewery that has been producing sake since 1925, is also one of the first craft beer producers in Japan. Their Kyoto Beer line is made using Japanese ingredients like roasted black beans, sake rice and yuzu citrus.



Party Menu

Let Uwajimaya help you with all of your catering needs! Our party menu is great for business meetings, birthdays, graduation parties and more! All orders are available for pick up from our four retail locations and require 48 hours advance notice.


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