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Asian Inspired

Kitchen & Home

What started in 1928 as a small selection of dishware and novelty products from Japan has since expanded to hundreds of products from Asia. Today, you will find a unique selection of Asian kitchen gadgets and tools, rice cookers, Japanese tableware and more!

Uwajimaya | Kitchen & Home

What You’ll Find in Kitchen & Home

Featured Items

Soy Sauce Dish 

Available in a variety of designs, these small dishes are commonly used for condiments but are also good for small side dishes like tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables) or even sushi.

Uwajimaya | Kitchen & Home - Donabe


Donabe are traditional Japanese earthenware pots used for making soups, stews and even rice. If you’re interested in trying donabe cooking for yourself, our stores carry them in a variety of sizes and colors.

Uwajimaya | Kitchen & Home - Sushi Molds

Sushi Molds

Making sushi doesn’t need to be hard!  These different sushi molds make it easy for anyone to make sushi at home.

Uwajimaya | Kitchen & Home - Mandolin


A chef favorite!  The Benriner is a smaller Japanese mandoline designed for thin slicing.  It comes with 3 interchangeable blades for fine, medium or course julienne slicing.  A must for any kitchen!

Uwajimaya | Kitchen & Home - Fabric Mists

Lavons Le Linge 

This Japanese brand is known for their luxuriously scented fabric softeners, fabric mists and air fresheners.  With scent names like secret blossom, shiny moon and blooming blue, these scents are sure to refresh your daily life!

Uwajimaya | Houseware Black Cooking Pan

Black Cube 

This special pan cooks like stainless steel, but cleans like a non-stick pan thanks to its raised stainless steel pixels and recessed layer of nonstick coating.  PFOA free coating protects from scratching, heats up within 2 minutes and over safe up to 500 degrees F.


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