Uwajimaya’s primary goal as a premier retailer is to always create an exciting and satisfying experience for each of our customers. Uwajimaya’s Central Grocery Purchasing Department is responsible for monitoring orders, pricing items, and to centralize all data information, for all of our retail locations. If you are interested in establishing a business relationship with Uwajimaya, please contact our Central Purchasing Department as noted below and you will be directed to the appropriate central purchaser for the product(s) you wish to present.

New or change item form

This form is required to present new items or item/cost changes for existing items to our Central Purchasing Dept.

Downloadable Forms
Vendor information form

This form is to be used by prospective new vendors to become approved as a supplier to Uwajimaya.

Downloadable Forms
Mail forms to:

Uwajimaya Inc.
Central Purchasing Department
4601 6th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98108


Phone: (206) 624-3215
Email: centralgrocery@uwajimaya.com