History of Uwajimaya

In 1928, Fujimatsu Moriguchi, a native of Yawatahama, Japan began business in Tacoma, Washington, selling homemade fishcakes and other Japanese staples from the back of his truck.

Moriguchi named his business Uwajima-ya, after the town of Uwajima where he learned his trade. ”Ya” means “store” in Japanese.

The Legacy of Excellence

Since day one, Fujimatsu Moriguchi and his wife Sadako, have been committed to providing the best customer service along with a quality selection of authentic Asian products for the community they care about.  From their shop out of the back of a truck in Tacoma eight and a half decades ago to the bustling retail empire Uwajimaya is today, we remain committed to quality, customer service and community. 

Uwajimaya Community storefront

A Future of Quality

Uwajimaya continues to be dedicated to offering the best customer service along with the highest quality products.   

Uwajimaya Employee Uwajimaya Sushi Station