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Eggs are widely used in all types of Asian cooking

Eggs are a familiar ingredient in Asian cooking. Chicken eggs are by far the most common, although duck eggs are prized for their flavor. Quail, pidgeon and the eggs of other game birds are also used.

Types of Eggs

Chicken Eggs (Chinese: darn; Indian: ande; Indonesian: telur; Japanese: tamago; Malaysian: telur; Thai: kai)
Chicken eggs are used in every way imaginable in Asian cooking. A raw egg cracked over hot rice is a familiar Japanese breakfast dish. Thin omelets are rolled up and cut into thin shreds as a garnish.

Duck Eggs (Chinese: yadan)
Not as readily available in the United States as chicken eggs, duck eggs are regarded in China as having a better flavor. Used in much the way that chicken eggs are used, duck eggs are also salted and preserved as thousand-year eggs.

Quail and Pigeon Eggs (Chinese: amchundan; Japanese: uzura no tamago)
The smaller size of pigeon and quail eggs makes them popular to be used whole in dishes. Raw quail eggs are placed atop Japanese sushi and tororo (grated mountain yam) and hard boiled eggs are a popular grilled dish in bars and yakitori restaurants.

  • Japanese
    tamago, uzura no tamago
  • English
    duck eggs, quail eggs
  • Thai
  • Chinese
    yadan, amchundan
  • Indian