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Daysha’s Poke Nachos

Daysha's Poke Nachos | Uwajimaya

1 lb – Poke of your choice. (We chose ½ lb furikaki ahi and  ½ lb spicy ahi from our Poke Counter.)

1/3 package of wonton skins (cut in half on the diagonal)

1 Tbsp – Tobiko (flying fish roe)

1 Tbsp – Furikake Rice Seasoning

1 Tbsp – Sesame Seeds

¼ cup – sweet onions (minced)

¼ cup – tomatoes (diced)

¼ cup – green onions (minced)

Unagi Sauce

Vegetable Oil for deep frying


1. Preheat vegetable oil to 360 degrees F

2. While oil is preheating, separate 1/3 of the wonton skins from the package.

3. Cut each wonton skin on the diagonal to make two triangular won ton chips.

4. Dice tomatoes.

5. Mince sweet onions and green onions.

6. Once oil is up to temp, fry wonton skins in small batches, careful not to overcrowd the pan. Fry wonton chips until light golden brown in color (around 30 seconds each side).

7. Remove chips and drain on a paper towel or cooling rack.


8. Place wonton chips on a serving dish and top with poke.

9. On top of the poke, evenly distribute the tobiko, sweet onion, green onion and tomato.

10. Sprinkle on sesame seeds and furikake.

11. Lastly, lightly drizzle unagi sauce over the chips.