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Taiwanese Food Week

November 10, 2020

This week at Uwajimaya, we’re celebrating Taiwanese Food Week (November 11-17, 2020) featuring specialties from the Pingtung region of Taiwan in partnership with Pingtung Good Foods.

Pingtung is located at the southernmost point of Taiwan where the region is gifted with warm sunlight and abundant fields – a combination that has made Pingtung Taiwan’s main agricultural producing region.  Pingtung is known for their rice and grains, fruits and fishery products.  Discover some of these specialty items at Uwajimaya this week!


Ditiantai was founded in 1991 and is Taiwan’s leading Tapioca Pearl manufacturer.   Find frozen tapioca pearls in strawberry, mango, brown sugar or black tea flavors.  Simply boil in hot water to reheat the pearls, pour into a cup, add milk and enjoy tapioca milk tea!


Color Fruit
The Pingtung area is known for producing high quality fruits year round.  Color Fruit specializes in producing dried fruit using their low drying temperature technology to retain the flavor and nutrition of the fruits.  Try dried pineapple, mango, dragon fruit, guava and green mango!


TaiwanFresh uses pure and clean seawater for breeding to create an ideal environment for growing their famous Dragon Tiger Grouper fish.  No chemical additives are preservatives are used on the fish.  Find whole and filleted Dragon Tiger Grouper fish quick frozen in vacuum sealed packaging.  Great when pan fried, broiled or grilled!  


DoYouBo was founded in 1972 and is famous for Soybean Sauces.  They use Non-GMO soybeans and local Taiwanese ingredients to create their products.  Find naturally brewed soy sauces, spicy soybean paste, Sichuan pepper chili sauce and soybean chili sauce.


PingTung Food Corp
Pingtung Food Corp was founded in 1982 and is known for their rice flour.  Their rice flour is made with Taiwanese round grain rice and uses a wet milling technique.  Find Superior Long Grain Rice Flour, Superior Glutinous Rice Flour or Rice Pancake Flour.