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Staff Picks: TJ & Melona Bars

August 10, 2015

We are starting a new series, “Staff Picks,” on our blog featuring our very own Uwajimaya staff!  Each "Staff Picks" post will feature an employee from one of our stores and showcase an item that they particularly love. 

About Our Employee
Name:   TJ
Hometown:  Redmond, Washington
Works at:  Bellevue Uwajimaya
Current Position: Grocery Clerk
Interests/Hobbies: TJ is a Shodan (1st degree black belt) in Aikido. He also enjoys doing Kendo.
Languages Spoken:  English and Japanese
Favorite Food:  Chicken Katsu

Favorite Uwajimaya Item
Favorite Item:  Melona Ice Cream Bar
Where to Find it:  In the freezer section of the grocery department  (available at all stores)
About the Item: It's the perfect combination of a popsicle and a bowl of ice cream in one. Melona bars are offered in a variety of flavors, like honeydew melon, strawberry and mango, but TJ says, "The melon flavor is awesome!" The natural fruit flavor combined with a soft creamy texture makes Melona Bars a perfect ice cream popsicle for any sweet snack or dessert. "This is my favorite item when it's hot outside, it's perfect to cool down. I would recommend it to everyone, but buy the box!"   Share them with your family and friends or keep them for yourself!


Staff Picks