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Our 2014 Uwajimaya Calendar Revealed!

Uwajimaya Blog | Our 2014 Uwajimaya Calendar Revealed

December 18, 2013

It's that time of year again!  Every December, Uwajimaya pauses to thank our customers for their support and to wish them well in the New Year.  This year is no different.  Starting today through December 31, 2013, to say "Thank You" and "Happy New Year," you'll receive one Dragon Dollar for every $25 spent.*  Trade 4 Dragon Dollars in for a beautiful 2014 Japanese Uwajimaya calendar (while supplies last) or save your Dragon Dollars for use between January 1-14, 2014 (one Dragon Dollar equals one dollar off*).
Our calendars are ordered each year from Japan.  This year, our calendar features artwork by Ryo Ippei.  The title of the calendar is "Shizen no Megumi" which means the blessings of nature.  We've done our best to translate the literal text shown on each image, but feel free to come up with your own interpretation.  


January and February
Title: Hatsu Akari Aka Yori Akaku (初あかり赤より紅く)
Translation: The brightness of first light is brighter than crimson red.
Image: Camellia Flower (Kantsubaki - カンツバキ)
The Camellia Flower is a winter flower and one of Japan's most famous flowering trees.


March & April
Title: Seiryu no Shun Sora Aoku (清流の旬空青く)
Translation: The season of clear stream as blue as the sky
Image: Wasabi (ワサビ)
Genuine wasabi is grown where pure water flows such as the water streams from mountains.


May & June
Title: Yoi o Machi Sakaseru Hana No Enni Yo u (宵を待ち咲かせる花の宴に酔う)
Translation: Good feast of flowers, waiting for evening to bloom, be fascinated
Image: Evening Primrose Flower (Ōmatsuyoigusa- オオマツヨイグサ)
The Evening Primrose Flower blooms in the evening and then closes during the day.


July & August
Title: Hishou (飛翔)
Translation: Flight or Soaring
Image: Flying Fish (tobiuo -トビウオ)


September & October
Title: Shizen no Megumi Arigatai Kotodearu (自然のめぐみありがたいことである)
Translation: Thankful for the blessings of nature
Image: Persimmons & Eggplants


November & December
Title: Taisetsu no Unjyo no Koe Fuyu Fukashi (大雪の雲上のこえ冬深し)
Translation: The Sound of Heavy Snow Above the Clouds, Winter Deepens
Image: Thunderbird (raichou - ライチョウ)

* Restrictions apply:  Dragon Dollars not issued on gift cards, lotto, shipping purchases or restaurant discount purchases.  See Dragon Dollars for restrictions on their use.

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