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Meet our Ehime Food Fair Vendors!

March 12, 2018

We’re excited to welcome back several vendors from Japan’s Ehime Prefecture for another Ehime Food Fair at our Seattle and Bellevue stores!  This year, we have 9 companies traveling from Japan to showcase some of the local specialty products of Ehime Prefecture.

Ehime is located on the small island of Shikoku in the southwest Japan. It is surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea and Shikoku Mountain Range which provides gifts from both the sea and mountains.  Surrounded by the sea, Ehime produces an abundant variety of seafood including Red Sea Bream and Yellowtail.   The climate and soil of this island make for ideal conditions to cultivate citrus fruits and thus is known as the “Citrus Kingdom”. 

For one week only (March 14-20, 2018), visit our Seattle and Bellevue stores to enjoy food tastings and shop these unique specialty items.  (Some items will be available for purchase at our Beaverton and Renton locations). 

Here are some of the vendors and items that will be featured during our Ehime Food Fair week.

Awashimado is a leading Japanese confectionary company in Japan creating daifuku, dango and manju.  They are known for their high quality and carefully selected ingredients to provide simple and well-beloved sweets for all ages.  Featured items from Awashimado Co. will include:
• Shiomame Daifuku - Japanese rice cake stuffed with sweet course azuki red bean paste
• Sakura Mochi - Pink colored rice cake with sweet red bean filling wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf
• White Daifuku Mochi - Japanese rice caked stuffed with sweet red bean filling

Hakata Salt
Hakata Salt is a company known for their “Hakata Salt” which has a mildly salty taste with a slight hint of sweetness.  This characteristic results from traces of “Bittern”, a component of the seawater used in their production process. 

Nattoh-ya is a company known for Natto (fermented soybeans) from the city of Matsuyama in Ehime.  Enjoy organic natto from Ehime using Japanese soybeans.

Sasaki Shokuhin
Sasaki Shokuhin is a company known for their dried seafood and processed seaweed.  Featured products include:
• Iwashi (Sardine) Rice Cracker – Seasoned sardines dried to a crisp

Seiki is a confectionary manufacturer.  
• Kibi Dango Mochi – Sweet rice cakes dusted with with Kinako (soybean flour)
• Warabi Mochi – Jelly like rice cake make covered with Kinako (sweet soybean flour)

Hodono Shouten
Hodono Shouten is a manufacturer of Matsuyama-age, a type of deep-fried bean curd that is a regional food of Ehime Prefecture.

Shindo Shigeharu Shop Co.
Shindo Shigeharo Shop’s Miyone brand of dried fruit snacks are made using Ehime’s famous citrus and ginger. They’re made using traditional methods, with no added preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring.

Jizo Miso Corp.
Jizo Miso Corp has been producing miso for more than 100 years. Their barley miso is made from specially cultivated malt, domestic ingredients, and pure water.

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