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March 2021 New Items

March 16, 2021

Here’s a look at some of our new items you’ll find in our stores this month!

Hokkai Yamato Instant Soup
Each box comes with 3 packs of mix.  Pour soup mix in a cup, add 150 ml of boiling water and mix.  Flavors include Salmon Cream, Cheese Corn, Onion, Corn, Kabocha (Japanese Pumpkin), Danshaku Potato Cream and Asparagus Soup.

Hokkai Instant Potage
This instant creamy potage is made with milk from Hokkaido.   Each box comes with 8 packets.  Try it in original potage or corn potage.  Pour soup mix in a cup, add 150 ml boiling water and mix.

Hokkai Yamato Ochazuke Mix
Ochazuke is a traditional Japanese rice soup made with green tea.  Add a cup of cooked rice in a bowl, sprinkle one packet of the ochazuke on top, pour 150 ml of boiling water over the rice and gently mix.  Flavors include Hokkaido Salmon, Hokkaido Salmon & Mentaiko, Kishu Ume (Japanese Plum) or Salmon & Tororo Konbu.

Hokkai Yamato Salmon Furikake
Furikake is a Japanese rice topping.  This version from Hokkai Yamato features salmon from Hokkaido.  Each box comes with 5 individual packets.  Try it in Salmon & Kombu (Kelp) or Salmon & Goma (Sesame).

Marusan AI Soy Milk
Marusan Ai is a company that specializes in making items mainly made from soybeans.  Varieties include Original Soymilk, Unsweetened Organic, 45% Less Calorie or Malt.

Ginbis Ginza Waffle
The perfect snack to enjoy with coffee!  This treat was inspired by the stroopwafel made by sandwiching caramel between two thin waffles.  Place this waffle over a hot cup of coffee and let the caramel warm and melt.  Enjoy in original caramel or apple cinnamon.

SSK Salad Dressings
These salad dressings are made without 7 allergy specific ingredients (egg, dairy, wheat, soba (buckwheat), peantus, shrimp or crab.  Try these dressings in creamy sesame, wafu (Japanese style dressing with onion and bonito flakes) or French white (French dressing with lemon juice).

Misuzu Okara Powder
Okara is the leftover pulp of soybeans after they are filtered in the production of soymilk and tofu.  This powder form is used by sprinkling on top of milk or yogurt and sometime even in dishes as a substitute for flour as it’s high in protein, iron and calcium.

Kaze to Hikari Organic Vegan Curry Pouches
These pouches make it easy to enjoy curry!  Simply place the package of sauce in boiling water to heat or pour contents into a bowl and microwave, then pour over rice!  These vegan curry roux come in vegetable (made with organic onions, potatoes and carrots) or bean (made with chickpeas, lentils and Kintoki beans).

Denroku Porippy
This peanut snack is flavored with fragrant Kadoyasesame oil and seaweed. Very addicting!

Tasty Factory Dim Sum
These frozen packages of assorted dim sum allow you to enjoy dim sum from the comfort of your own home.  To re-heat, steam items in a bamboo steamer until cooked.  Try in Seasoned Chicken Paws, Seasoned Pork Spareribs, Shrimp & Pork Dumplings, Stick Rice Cake with Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings.


*All items subject to availability.  Actual packaging may differ from shown.