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Japanese Dishware

December 12, 2021

Our beautiful selection of Japanese plates and bowls are sure to elevate anyone’s dining experience. They make great gifts for the home cook on your list! Here, we’ll break down the different Japanese dishware you can find at our stores.


 A chawan is a small bowl specifically for rice. Often, each family member has their own chawan that reflects their personality.

A matcha chawan is a bowl that is traditionally used for drinking matcha green tea.



An owan is a soup bowl that is typically made from a wooden material or lacquered and is the go-to bowl for serving miso soup!



A chuzara is a medium sized plate for the main course and comes in a variety of design, shapes and materials.



 A kozara is a small plate great for a side dish or dipping sauce such as soy sauce. The fun designs are sure to add style to your table setting.



 A rice bowl dish is known as “donburi” and shares the same name as the bowl. Donburi is great for noodle soups like udon too.


Sushi Plates

 These rectangular plates are long enough for a sushi roll and work well for displaying even your favorite appetizers like gyoza dumplings.


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