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Fuyu Persimmon

Uwajimaya | Fuyu Persimmons

November 1, 2021

Fall is the start of persimmon season. Various regional varieties of these orange tree fruits are grown in many parts of the world, but you’ll most often find two Japanese varieties at our stores, the round and squat Fuyu, and the heart shaped Hachiya.

Fuyu are a type of non-astringent persimmon, which are best eaten raw. While still firm, they have a crisp texture, perfect for slicing, and adding to salads. As they ripen further, persimmons take on a more complex flavor, with hints of honey, pear, dates, brown sugar, and even a little cinnamon.

Persimmons are high in antioxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids, and vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C and B, potassium and manganese.