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At Uwajimaya, quality is what matters – in relationships, experiences, knowledge, health and food. Family-owned, Uwajimaya has been serving the local Northwest community since 1928. Today, at our four locations in Washington and Oregon, you will find the freshest selections of produce, seafood and meats alongside a large assortment of quality Asian gift and grocery items. Come visit us today and check out what makes Uwajimaya a unique and quality shopping experience.

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Tonkatsu, deep fried breaded pork cutlet, is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. You can find it on menus at restaurants, in school cafeterias and even in convenience store bentos (or lunch boxes). The origin of tonkatsu can be traced back to the Meiji period, during the start... Read More

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$5 Bonus Gift Card Promotion

May 4-10, 2016

All Stores

Shimane Japan Food Fair

June 15-21, 2016

Seattle Beaverton

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